San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers, Personal Injury Law

San Antonio and South Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers

STOLMEIER LAW are San Antonio and South Texas Slip and Fall lawyers. We have been fighting for your rights after your personal injury in San Antonio and South Texas for over 35 years. Our principal office is located in San Antonio, Texas. We will represent you in your personal injury case as if it was us that were injured. We have proudly served thousands of satisfied clients in San Antonio and South Texas.

STOLMEIER LAW represents parties severely injured in SLIP, TRIP OR FALL cases, MOTOR VEHICLE crashes (18-Wheeler, Commercial Vehicle, Motorcycle, and Personal Vehicle), DOG ATTACKS, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, PRODUCTS LIABILITY, AND WRONGFUL DEATH.

After You Are Injured Because Of Someone Else’s Negligence, We Will:

  • File the insurance claim for your personal injury case
  • Help you get medical treatment at no up front cost to you.
  • Calculate your lost wages or loss of wage earning capacity caused by your
  • Hire experts at no up front cost to you to help win your case.
  • Negotiate the highest possible settlement for you that we can.
  • If the party responsible for causing your personal injury does not agree to
    pay enough money for your injuries, we will file a lawsuit against them, and
    fight for your rights in court.

STOLMEIER LAW is Experienced In Personal Injury Cases

  • We answer and return your phone calls.
  • Your interests are our priority.

We have a full team of experienced staff members to assist with helping you win your personal injury case.

STOLMEIER LAW Attorneys Are Highly Skilled

STOLMEIER LAW knows the tactics insurance companies and their defense lawyers use to try to defeat your personal injury case.

STOLMEIER LAW Gives You Personal Attention On Your Personal Injury Case

You will get the time and attention you deserve. Your lawyer will personally and directly manage and develop your case from start to finish.

STOLMEIER LAW Investigates Your Personal Injury Case
We do the investigation necessary to help you win your personal injury case at no extra cost to you.

STOLMEIER LAW Develops Your Injury And Damage Claim Caused By Your Personal Injury
We use technology to demonstrate the full extent of your injuries to maximize the value of your case.