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How are Company Vehicle | Truck Accidents Different?

A company vehicle/truck accident is different from a typical car accident because it involves a company vehicle owned by any type of business such as Walmart, HEB, Target, UPS, FEDEX, etc. The causes associated with company vehicle/truck accidents are similar to any other vehicle accident. The injuries are similar as well, but can be more severe compared to car accidents.

Severity of a Company Vehicle/Truck Accident

The simple explanation for the increase in injury severity between a truck accident and a personal vehicle accident is that company vehicles and trucks are much larger than the average person vehicle. With the added size and weight, including the weight of the contents of the truck, the truck becomes more difficult to control at high speed and in dangerous weather.

Proving Liability

To prove liability in a typical car accident you must show:

  • Duty. The other driver owed you a duty.
  • Breach. The other driver breached his duty to you.
  • Causation. The breach of the duty caused your injuries.
  • Damages. Your injuries resulted in damages.

However, in a company vehicle accident, the driver must have breached his duty to you during the scope of his employment. This means that the driver must have been driving the company vehicle as a reasonable part of his job, or was driving the company vehicle at the direction of his employer. For example, a delivery driver who causes an accident while delivering packages may be held liable for damages. Generally proving an employee was acting during the scope of his employment is not a large hurdle to climb, but many companies and their employees may lie to prevent being liable. Thus it is important to hire an experienced lawyer for your injuries.

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