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Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients:

“I fell down the stairs in my apartment, injuring my head, neck and low back. I looked online for a personal injury lawyer.I called 4 personal injury lawyers, and told them facts of my case. All of them told me Slip and Fall cases are too hard to prove, and my case is not economically feasible for them to represent me. I spoke to a friend, and she told me to call Stolmeier Law. Stolmeier Law took my case and fought the apartment complex and its insurance company in court. Stolmeier Law helped me win a settlement of $180,000.00. Without Stolmeier Law, I would not have won my case.”

“Highly recommended for slip or fall injuries. I tried to contact a different law firm about my slip an fall at a grocery store, but they denied me, telling me slip and falls are too hard to prove. They recommended Stolmeier Law. I told Patrick I slipped on a clear liquid while grocery shopping and severely injured my left knee and left elbow trying to brace my fall. Patrick took on my case and investigated the grocery store, the pictures I took, as well as employee testimonies. He was able to convince the grocery store to settle for my medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Without Stolmeier Law I don’t think I would have received the help I was given. Thank you, Stolmeier Law!!!”

“I’m thankful Stolmeier Law was able to take on my case. I was involved in a slip and fall at my apt. I was walking down the wooden stair on my way to work when the step gave way and my leg fell through the rotted step. I fell down the stairs as a result but my leg was still stuck in the stair. I received serious injury and pain. There were a lot of medical expenses and I missed work do to rehabilitation. I tried to contact the apt insurance company by myself and they kept telling me they would settle with me if I didn’t get a lawyer. The insurance company never contacted me with a settlement so I contacted Stolmeier Law. He took on my case and was quickly able to get me a large settlement that covered my medical bill, rehabilitation, lost wages, and continued pain.”