San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers







Stolmeier Law are San Antonio Slip and Fall lawyers. We have built our reputation on taking the tough cases that other lawyers turn down. Stolmeier law is a personal injury law firm with over 35  years of experience serving Slip and Fall, car crash, medical malpractice, dog attack, wrongful death, and products liability victims in San Antonio and South Texas. Stolmeier Law has helped thousands of clients receive the compensation they deserve. We understand the tricks insurance companies play to pay you pennies on the dollar.

Stolmeier Law assures that unlike other personal injury law firms, a member of the Stolmeier family will always represent you. We are not like big law firms that will delegate your case to the lowest lawyer on the totem pole, who does not have the time or knowledge to fully help you. Those lawyers have a focus on treating your life changing personal injury claim as another billable hour. But our commitment and focus is to you, the personal injury victim.  Your personal injury case is treated as a priority, rather than a case number. Stolmeier Law is a family, and you are an extension of our family. Stolmeier Law, San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers. Let this family fight for you.