5 Reasons To Hire Stolmeier Law

5 Reasons To Hire Stolmeier Law

1. Experience

Stolmeier Law has over 38 years of experience helping personal injury victims in San Antonio and South Texas. We have helped thousands of personal injury victims recover maximum compensation possible for their claims.

2. Knowledge

Stolmeier Law has the knowledge to to help personal injury victims. We have handled and won significant judgments or settlements for personal injury claims such as: car accidents, negligent entrustment, slip, trip, or falls, medical malpractice, strict liability, product liability, breach of warranty, dog attack, wrongful death, etc.

3. Litigation Skills

One of the most important elements you should look for in an attorney is litigation skills. Patrick J. Stolmeier, Partner at Stolmeier Law, was recently selected as a Top 100 Texas Trial Lawyer. Stolmeier Law has spent countless hour refining our litigation skills to best strengthen your claim. One of the most important litigation skills a lawyer can have is deposition skills. A deposition is the process of examining a witness and asking questions. A deposition places a witness under oath and Stolmeier Law can quickly determine the truth that the Defendant did not previously disclose. We know what tricks opposing counsels will try to use in order to prevent their client from answering questions or to trick you into revealing private information.

4. Reputation

Stolmeier Law has developed a strong reputation in San Antonio and South Texas for our experience, knowledge, and tenacity in helping our personal injury clients. Stolmeier Law regularly receives personal injury referrals from other well respected personal injury lawyers in San Antonio and South Texas. These referrals reveal that not only do our past and current clients trust Stolmeier Law, but so do other lawyers.

5. Post-lawsuit Assistance

After Stolmeier Law successfully resolves your personal injury claim you will still have your medical bills hanging over your head. The medical treatments you received as a result of your personal injuries our your responsibility and most personal injury lawyers will make you deal with paying these medical providers back. However, Stolmeier Law goes above and beyond to offer a free service after the resolution of your case to work with your medical providers to reduce your medical bills.

Contact Stolmeier Law

Hire Stolmeier Law to represent you in your personal injury claim. We have the experience and knowledge to help you throughout your entire personal injury claim. Unlike other large tv lawyers, we will not delegate your case to the lowest lawyer on the totem pole, who will treat your your life changing personal injury case as just another case number because they are overworked and underpaid. Stolmeier Law will stand with you shoulder to shoulder during your lawsuit and recover maximum compensation possible. So if you or a loved one has suffered life changing injuries in a personal injury accident, hire Stolmeier Law. Contact Stolmeier Law by phone or on our website. Let this family fight for you.