What Records To Keep After A Car Accident?

These Are The Records To Keep After A Car AccidentRecords to keep after a car accident

Accident Records

  • Police Report. A police report is one of the most important records to keep after a car accident because the police officer is an independent third party who has no interest in your car accident claim. The police may be called after you are involved in a car accident. If the police do arrive they will inspect the accident scene. The police will make note of the parties involved in the accident and where the accident took place. The police report may also contain witness statements and even an officer’s opinion about who was at fault for the accident. Additionally, a police report will include information about whether a driver was given a ticket or was determined to be intoxicated and subsequently arrested. Therefore, the information that is contained in the police report can be extremely valuable evidence. It is important to obtain a copy of the police report, and Stolmeier Law can help obtain it if you are unable to.


  • Pictures. One of the best pieces of evidence to strengthen your car accident claim are pictures that are taken immediately after the car accident. It is important to take these pictures immediately because it will best show the scene of the accident at the time the accident occurred. Once you leave the scene and the accident is cleared it becomes more difficult to show a jury how the accident actually happened. It also allows the defense to contradict what you testify to and the pictures that were taken later because those pictures do not actually depict the scene of the accident at the time it occurred. Pictures that are taken immediately after a car accident are difficult to contradict and are powerful evidence to prove your claim.
    • Pictures that should be taken include:
      • Pictures of your vehicle
      • Pictures of the other vehicles involved
      • Pictures of the accident scene
      • Pictures of any traffic signs
      • Pictures of any traffic lights
      • Pictures of the roadway or accident scene
      • Pictures of the way the vehicles are facing


  • Witness Information. Witnesses’ information are important records to keep after a car accident. Witness contact information can help support and develop your case. Witnesses are important because they are independent people who do not have an interest in your car accident claim. Additionally, unlike a police officer who arrives after the accident, a witness has personal knowledge of the accident because he saw or heard the the accident occur. A witness who can help corroborate your allegations will further strengthen your likelihood of winning your case.
    • Witness information and records to keep after a car accident:
      •  Witness names
      • Witness phone number
      • Witness address


  • Repair Records. If you are involved in a car accident it is likely that your vehicle will be damaged and need to be repaired. Repair records are one of many records to keep after a car accident. Therefore, it is important to keep your vehicle’s repair records. These repair costs will be included in the monetary damages you seek against the at fault driver.


  • Accident Journal. After a car accident it is vital to remember what happened because opposing lawyers will try to find any inconsistencies in your account of the accident. In order to help you remember what happened before, during, and after the accident you should create a written accident journal as soon as possible after the accident. This accident journal will help you not only remember what happened, but prevent opposing lawyers from tripping you up during questioning.

Medical Records

Medical records are just as important as accident records when discussing what records to keep after a car accident. Medical records will show the injuries you sustained from the car accident as well as the treatment you received for your injuries. These medical records will also contain receipts that show the cost of your medical treatment. These receipts are important because Stolmeier Law will use them in your claim for damages against the at fault party. Additionally, your healthcare provider may ask you how you suffered your injuries. This evidence can be used to show how you were injured.

  • The medical records that you should request or that you should give Stolmeier Law the permission to request include:
    • Medical Intake Records
    • Emergency Medical Records (Ambulance, EMT, etc.)
    • Emergency Room Records
    • Operating Room Records
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Any Imaging (X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, etc.)
    • Prescription and Medication
    • Physical Therapy
    • Healthcare Provider’s Notes
    • Referrals to Specialists
    • Names of Healthcare Provider’s Who Treated You
    • Medical Receipts

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