6 Ways A Lawyer Can Help Your Car Accident Case

Ways A Lawyer Can Help Your Car Accident Case

1. Knowledge and Experience of Texas Law

An experienced lawyer can help your car accident case. Every licensed Texas lawyer is expected to know the laws of Texas. However, not every lawyer is interested in taking on personal injury cases and therefore do not have the adequate knowledge and experience to help you with your car accident case. Even Texas lawyers that do practice in personal injury lack the experience and knowledge to successfully represent a car accident victim in every aspect of the victim’s claim. Thus, it is important to find the correct lawyer to represent you. Stolmeier Law has over 35 years of experience and knowledge about personal injury cases, especially car accident claims.

2. Negotiating With Insurance Companies and Opposing Lawyers

Any person who suffers a car accident can represent himself, but a lawyer can provide a car accident victim the support the victim needs throughout the legal process. Insurance and opposing lawyers will use tricks to pay you pennies on the dollar or to trip you up when you try to tell your story about the accident. A lawyer can help you negotiate a higher monetary value for your damages. In fact, personal injury victims who accepted the first insurance offer received an an average of $11,800, while allowing a lawyer to negotiate increased that average value to $42,500.

3. Estimating Your Damages

A lawyer can help your car accident case by estimating your damages. In order to recover compensation from your car accident you must have suffered some type of damage. In a car accident these damages are divided into economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are damages that have an identifiable monetary value, such as costs to repair your vehicle or medical costs for your medical treatment. Non-economic damages are damages that do not have an identifiable monetary value, such as pain and suffering. These damages are more difficult to determine and require the knowledge of an experienced lawyer.

4. Getting You A Larger Damage Award

The average damage award for a personal injury victim without a lawyer is significantly lower than the average damage award for a personal injury victim with a lawyer. Personal injury victims without a lawyer received an average value of $17,600, while personal injury victims with a lawyer received an average value of $77,600.

5. Provide Credibility And Reputation

Not every car accident claim is worthy of receiving compensation. This could because there is limited evidence to prove fault or there are not any damages as a result of the car accident. So once a lawyer takes on a car accident claim the lawyer provides credibility to the claim. The insurance company understands that a car accident victim may have a legitimate claim once a lawyer is hired. After all, if the lawyer does not believe a legitimate car accident claim exists, then the lawyer is unlikely to spend time on the claim.

This credibility can also be accomplished through the reputation of the lawyer you choose to represent you. The legal community is small and word easily travels about lawyers who have a bad reputation and lawyers who have a good reputation. Choosing a lawyer with a bad reputation could unfortunately have a negative impact on your case. Opposing lawyers may be less willing to work with a lawyer who has a bad reputation. Additionally, opposing lawyers may be less forgiving if a lawyer with a bad reputation makes a mistake and requests more time from the opposing lawyers.

Stolmeier Law we have a proven track record of taking on and beating high priced defense lawyers. We are determined to get our client’s the maximum compensation they deserve from insurance companies. We have a reputation for fighting tooth and nail for our clients and standing with them shoulder to shoulder throughout the legal process.

6. Proving Fault

An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer can help your car accident case by proving fault. A lawyer will set depositions and use other evidence gathering techniques to discover the facts of the case and to find inconsistencies and contradictions with the opposing party’s evidence. Without a lawyer an insurance company and opposing lawyer can walk all over a car accident victim.

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