How A Medical Malpractice Waiver Can Affect Your Claim

What Is A Medical Malpractice Waiver?Medical Malpractice Waiver

A medical malpractice waiver is a form a healthcare provider may ask you to sign prior to any medical treatment. The medical procedure can then be performed with your consent, but in the event of any complications arising from the medical procedure this waiver may prevent you from filing suit. Typically, these waivers contain information about the inherent dangers associated with any medical procedure. Agreeing to the waiver will generally prevent you from filing a lawsuit for any commonly known risks or complications that may occur during the treatment.

Does a Medical Malpractice Waiver Prevent a Lawsuit?

No. Signing a medical malpractice waiver will not completely prevent you fro filing a lawsuit against a healthcare provider for injuries you sustained during medical treatment. The medical malpractice waiver will prevent you from filing a lawsuit against a healthcare provider for known injuries or complications often associated with the medical treatment.

However, the waiver will not prevent you from filing a suit against a healthcare provider’s actions that fall below the accepted reasonable standard of care in the area the doctor practices in.

Healthcare Provider’s Gross Negligence

Additionally, you will not be prevented from filing a suit against a healthcare provider when the healthcare provider is grossly negligent in his actions. Gross negligence means that a healthcare provider’s acts were reckless and fell below the standard of care of a reasonable healthcare provider would use under similar circumstances. An example of a healthcare provider acting grossly negligent is if the healthcare provider leaves surgical instruments inside a patient after a surgery.

Consent To Medical Treatment

You may also file a medical malpractice lawsuit against a healthcare provider if you consent to treatment and the healthcare provider does not fully disclose all of the risks associated with the treatment. You can also file a medical malpractice claim against a healthcare provider who performs a medical treatment on you without your consent, unless that medical treatment is an emergency.

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