Who Pays Slip and Fall Medical Bills?

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Slip and Fall Medical Bills

Determining who will be responsible for paying your Slip and Fall medical bills is a common question Slip and Fall victims and other personal injury victims have. The uncertainty that comes with this question can prevent many Slip and Fall victims from receiving the appropriate medical are for their injuries, which can lead to further injuries, less compensation for your injuries because you did not mitigate your damages, or even a dismissal of your claim because your injuries have healed and you have no provable damages. If you have incurred medical bills because of Slip and Fall injuries caused by the negligence of a property owner or the property owner’s employees, there are a variety of ways your medical bills can be paid.

Personal Health Insurance Can Cover Your Slip And Fall Medical Bills

Your own health insurance can pay for your Slip and Fall injuries. You should present your health insurance information to medical staff when receiving treatment. Make to save any medical bill records as well as any out of pocket expenses that your health insurance does not cover. While it may be unsettling and seem unfair that your own health insurance may have to temporarily cover your Slip and Fall medical expenses, Texas follows the collateral source rule. The collateral source rule means that any compensation a Slip and Fall victim receives from a source other than the defendant, such as from his own health insurance, cannot be deducted from the Slip and Fall victims final award from the defendant.

Defer Payment Of Slip and Fall Medical Bills With A Letter of Protection

It is common for Slip and Fall victims to not be able to pay upfront costs for medical treatment. As a result, a lawyer can provide the client’s medical provider with a letter of protection. A letter of protection is an agreement that guarantees medical providers will receive payment if they defer payment until after the Slip and Fall claim is resolved. These payments will be made to the medical providers from the claim’s final award. However, if your Slip and Fall claim does not result in adequate compensation, the Slip and Fall victim is personally responsible for making these payments.

Reducing Your Slip and Fall Medical Bills After Your Case Is Resolved

At the end of the day, you are the Slip and Fall victim and you should not be made worse off from Slip and Fall injuries that you did not cause. So after your Slip and Fall case is resolved, Stolmeier Law is dedicated to still fight for you. We will negotiate with medical providers to lower their bills so you can get more money in your pocket.

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