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How to Handle a Car Accident Settlement

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A car accident is one of the most devastating and traumatic things a motorist can experience. But the agony may not be over as your car accident case is not resolved immediately and the opposing party’s insurance company takes advantage of your situation. Accepting a low car accident settlement can put you in a position where the car accident settlement does not cover your medical bills, car accident bills, or any other bills that could not be paid because your car accident limited your ability to work.

As a result, many people jump at the first offer to receive some type of compensation, but in Stolmeier Law’s 35 years of personal injury service in San Antonio, we have never seen an insurance company’s first offer be the best offer. In fact, the statistics do not even back this up. Personal injury victims who accepted the defendant’s first offer typically received $11,800 while claimants who allowed their attorney to negotiate with the defendant received around $42,500.

Let a Lawyer Handle Your Car Accident Settlement

The many dirty tricks insurance companies use to deny you compensation or to limit your compensation pale in comparison to the tricks insurance companies play to prevent you from hiring a lawyer. First off, it is your right to hire a lawyer. Next, ask yourself why the insurance company would persuade you from not hiring a lawyer or entice you to fire your lawyer. The simple answer is because they want to take advantage of you. The ultimate goal for these insurance companies is to pay you nothing. Stolmeier Law has personal experience with clients who were told by insurance companies to fire their lawyer and the insurance companies would settle. As predicted, these clients fired their lawyers and the insurance companies cut off all communication with the injured victims. These insurance companies hope the 2 year personal injury filing deadline would expire so the victim could not longer file a lawsuit. Fortunately these personal injury victims contacted Stolmeier Law and we were able to file their claims and maximize their compensation.

Thus, it is vitally important to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your car accident settlement. Statistically, 91% of personal injury victims received a payout after hiring a lawyer compared to 51% of personal injury victims who received a payment without a lawyer. Additionally, personal injury victims who hired a lawyer received an average of $77,600 in compensation, compared to an average of $17,600 for those who did not hire a lawyer. But before you hire just any car accident lawyer, make sure that lawyer has the knowledge and experience to represent you.

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We are San Antonio car accident lawyers. Stolmeier Law has over 35 years of experience representing San Antonio and South Texas car accident victims. We know the tricks insurance companies play to pay your pennies on the dollar. Our goal is to maximize your compensation. So if you or a loved one was seriously injured in a car accident, contact Stolmeier Law, San Antonio car accident lawyers.