San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers

san antonio slip and fall lawyersSan Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers

Why Hire Stolmeier Law?

Stolmeier Law has over 35 years of experience serving Slip and Fall and other personal injury victims in San Antonio and South Texas. Our lawyers were either born in San Antonio, raised in San Antonio, or moved to San Antonio to help San Antonio Slip and Fall victims. We are expert litigators that are willing to fight tooth and nail to get you the most compensation possible.

Being Slip and Fall victims ourselves, we understand the evidence and research needed to successfully win a Slip and Fall case. While most of our clients come directly to us, many of our clients are referred to us by other San Antonio lawyers. These other lawyers know how difficult Slip and Fall cases are to prove and they know that Stolmeier law is the best law firm to handle these cases. Our reputation in San Antonio and South Texas was developed because of our willingness to take on these difficult cases and win. We are the San Antonio Slip and Fall lawyers.

In addition to our decades of personal injury expertise, reputation for taking on these difficult cases and winning, and garnering a stellar reputation among our peers, we provide something many law firms cannot, a family that fights for you. Unlike many San Antonio and South Texas law firms with similar amounts of experience to us, we will actually personally represent you. Other large or TV law firms will gladly push your case down to the lowest junior attorney, and your case will suffer. These lawyers are overworked and underpaid. They cannot possibly spend the same amount of time on your case that Stolmeier Law can. Your case will be treated as just another number or billable hour with these law firms.

Additionally, because a Stolmeier will always represent you, you can actually put a face to the name. It is far too often that TV lawyers will not actually personally represent you, yet you are drawn into their extravagant advertisements. These advertisements shove unrealistic case results into your face, have lawyers screaming at you at the top of their lungs, or incessantly tell you to remember their phone number. Do not get drawn into a false sense of security these advertisements portray, simply to be let down by the low quality lawyer you chose.

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We are San Antonio Slip and Fall lawyers Stolmeier Law is here to fight for you. So if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Slip, Trip, or  Fall, Call Stolmeier Law. San Antonio Slip and Fall lawyers. Let this family fight for you.