Social Media’s Affect on Your Slip and Fall Claim

Affect of Social Media on Your Slip and Fall Claim

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Slip and Fall claims as well as other personal injury claims can be destroyed by inappropriate social media use. Social media has become a staple of many of our everyday lives. We communicate, catch up with friends, and follow the news. But while social media provides many benefits, it can also present many detriments, especially if you filed a Slip and Fall claim. 

Slip and Fall victims face problems when they take to social media and share their personal experiences with the world. A classic, yet burdensome result many personal injury victims who share their case on social media experience is the unwanted attention from long lost friends or family members who see these personal injury victims as a cash cow. These unwanted interactions could be stressful and even emotionally and psychologically damaging. Slip and Fall victims have already been through enough. Opening themselves up to this stress may have a negative impact on their claim because they are the best person able to tell their story. If they are not in the right state of mind or are being persuaded by others, then their testimony may be unreliable.

Additionally, unwanted friends and family are not the only individuals following your account. Insurance agencies will do everything they can to prevent compensating you for your injuries. Insurance agencies have been known to hire investigators to track a personal injury victim’s social media. Investigators look for any inconsistencies in testimony you provided and information you are disclosing online. This can include text, pictures, or videos that may show that you are not as injured as you claim to be. Any inconsistency, picture, or video found can be possibly devastating to your case.

The best advice any attorney could give you is to not use social media while your case is pending or even a reasonable time after your case is concluded. While this can be unlikely, Stolmeier Law would at least suggest to set all your accounts to private, never accept a friend request from someone you do not personally know, never post about your case online, never chat with someone about your case online, and never post any pictures or video that may lead the defendant, your own attorney, or the court to question how seriously you are injured.

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