Did You Suffer a Grocery Store Slip and Fall?

grocery store slip and fall

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A grocery store Slip and Fall can be debilitating. Stolmeier Law is a premier personal injury law firm serving San Antonio and South Texas. Stolmeier Law has over 35 years of experience handling grocery store Slip, Trip, or Fall. Grocery store Slip, Trip, or Fall injuries can be severe and can be caused by a variety of dangerous situations. Find out more about common Slip, Trip, or Fall injuries here. This article is intended to help inform people who have been involved in a Slip, Trip, or Fall accident at a grocery store.

What Should You Do if You Have Experienced a Grocery Store Slip and Fall?

If you have suffered severe injuries from a grocery store Flip and Fall it is important to know what you should do to best help your case. These helpful tips can help bolster your Slip, Trip, or Fall case. You should be aware of these helpful tips prior to ever sustaining injuries from a grocery store Slip and Fall because once you exit the store the property owner or employees will remedy the hazard and the accident scene cannot be recreated.

What are Common Causes of a Grocery Store Slip and Fall?

  • Slippery Surfaces

Slippery grocery store surfaces are a common cause of a grocery store Slip and Fall. Due to a grocery store’s tile surface, liquids such as water, soap, or milk make the tile floor extremely slippery. These liquids, whether they be caused by freshly mopped floors, broken grocery products, or water tracked in by other customers due to bad weather, create a duty on property owners to remedy the dangerous slippery surface in a reasonable time. Severe injuries can occur when a customer Slips, Trips, or Falls onto this hard tile surface. If a property owner fails to remedy these hazards in reasonable time, the property owner can be liable for your injuries. Here’s a helpful Stolmeier Law article if you want to know more about how to prove a property owner is liable for your Slip, Trip, or Fall.

  • Dangerously Located Displays

Displays are an effective way for grocery stores to promote products. However, these displays may often be located in locations that pose a danger to customers. Displays that are constructed or designed poorly can cause a tripping hazard to customers. Additionally, displays that are located in highly trafficked areas may become a dangerous hazard if it becomes difficult for customers to navigate around the display.

  • Uneven Surfaces

Grocery store owners are responsible for maintaining surfaces both inside and outside of their grocery store. While it is uncommon to encounter an uneven surface inside a grocery store, it may be likely that you encounter an uneven surface outside of the grocery store. Property owners are expected to reasonably maintain the sidewalks and parking lots from dangerous uneven surfaces that can cause injuries to customers.

  • Improper Lighting

Similar to uneven surfaces, grocery store owners are expected to ensure there is proper lighting within the store as well as outside the store. Improper lighting can make slippery or uneven surfaces, as well as displays, carts, or pallets more difficult to see. If a property owner does not provide proper lighting to customers and a customer can show improper lighting contributed to their grocery store Slip and Fall, then a property owner can be held responsible.

  • Heavy or Difficult to Manage Products on High Shelves

Grocery stores are expected to locate products in areas that the products can be safely reached. Heavy, large, or oddly shaped products placed in difficult to reach locations can result in injuries to customers when the product falls and injures a customer or when a customer reacts to a falling product and Trips and Falls. 

  • Dangerously Placed Pallets

Grocery stores receive their products on large pallets, and often, the store keeps these products on the pallets when selling the products to customers. You many often see these pallets in the produce aisle with fruits or vegetables on them. These pallets can be damaged or extend into the aisle’s walkway, which creates a dangerous Slip, Trip, or Fall hazard to customers.

  • Dangerously Placed Carts or Baskets

Carts and baskets are a common sight at every grocery store, yet they can pose a risk to customers if they are not properly stored. Property owners should have a safe location for carts or baskets to be stored and property owners should properly train their employees to collect and safely move carts or baskets to these designated locations. Customers who suffer injuries because a property owner or employees do not safely move and place carts and baskets may be subject the property owner to liability.

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