How a Lawyer Handles a Slip and Fall Case?

San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyers

Before we address how a lawyer will handle your Slip, Trip, or Fall case, it is important to know what to do before you ever suffer personal injuries in a Slip, Trip, or Fall. Stolmeier Law provides a helpful guide on what to do if you have experienced a Slip, Trip, or Fall. 

Stolmeier Law is a law firm with over 35 years of experience handling Slip, Trip, or Fall claims in San Antonio and South Texas. Dedicated Stolmeier Law attorneys are prepared to help you resolve your personal injury claim so you can receive maximum compensation. 

Now, if you do suffer personal injuries on another person’s property it is important to immediately contact a lawyer.

Initial Contact:

During your initial contact with your lawyer, your lawyer will learn about the basic facts of your claim. Your lawyer will ask you when your injuries occurred, where your injuries occurred, and how your injuries occurred. Additionally, your lawyer will want to know what injuries you suffered and if you have or will receive medical treatment in the past, present, or future.

Client Interview:

Next, a lawyer will invite you to his or her office for a client interview to further discuss your claim. The lawyer will ask you to bring any documents, photos, videos, witness information, etc. you may have gathered, and ask you to expand on the facts you explained during your initial contact. 

Claim Evaluation:

At this point, if you have provided the lawyer with sufficient information for your lawyer to understand your claim, the lawyer will evaluate and develop your claim with the applicable law. 

Demand Requested:

A lawyer may draft and send a Demand Letter to the opposing party. This Demand Letter will make the opposing party aware of your claim, who your attorney is, what compensation is requested, etc.  

Claim Development:

If the Demand is refused, the lawyer will further develop your claim in preparation to file suit. A lawyer will determine the property owner’s liability and help determine how much your Slip, Trip, or Fall case is worth. Developing your claim can take some time because it may be difficult to locate witnesses or receive medical reports.

Settlement Negotiations and Litigation:

If a settlement has not been reached a lawyer will file a lawsuit and/or arbitration against the opposing party. The opposing party will typically respond to the lawsuit with an “answer”. Once an “answer” is filed discovery proceedings will begin. Discovery can include but is not limited to the presentment of medical records, photos, videos, the identity of witnesses or experts, and depositions. Once discovery is completed a trial date will be requested. Your claim will proceed to trial unless the opposing party agrees to a settlement. 95% of pending lawsuits end in a pre-trial settlement.

Post-Settlement or Post-Litigation:

If you receive a fair settlement or are awarded a judgment your claim will be complete. However, once you have received a settlement or a judgment you will be responsible for any financial obligations you may have incurred since you suffered you personal injury, such as medical services. Stolmeier Law will continue to fight for you to hopefully reduce these financial obligations so you can walk away with as much compensation as possible.

Lawyer’s Expectations From the Client:

  • Your lawyer will expect you to be completely truthful about your Slip, Trip, or Fall claim and to not mislead your lawyer, the opposing party, or the court. 
  • You will responsible for providing much of the evidence required to prove your Slip, Trip, or Fall. Your lawyer will assist you in gathering this evidence by locating witnesses, setting depositions, requesting document production, obtaining your consent to obtain medical records, etc. However, photos or videos of what caused your Slip, Trip, or Fall and witness information should be provided by you because a property owner will quickly remedy the cause of your personal injuries and a lawyer cannot find a witness if you did not obtain witness information. 
  • You will be expected to provide any changes in address or contact information to your lawyer.
  • You will be expected to continue to monitor your health throughout your claim and provide any health changes or improvements to your attorney.
  • You will be expected to not discuss your case with anyone besides your lawyer or your doctors. This can prove difficult because friends and family will want to know how your case is going, but information that you disclose to anyone other than your lawyer or doctors could wind up in the opposing party’s hands and could be used against you.

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